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Our philosophy is to offer you the best service and for that we assure you: a team dedicated to offering you excellence, a professional, welcoming and human approach, the assurance of specialized and high quality services, a high technology center and only one priority: you.
Replacing a tooth by a dental implant + abutment + PFM crown
using the implant in the offer 430€ for Megagen AnyOne 480€ for Biomet3i T3 480€ for Megagen AnyRidge
Replacing a complete dental arch by the All-on-4 system
using the implant in the offer 2320€ for Megagen AnyOne 2520€ for Biomet3i T3 2520€ for Megagen AnyRidge
Replacing a complete dental arch by the All-one-6 system
using the implant in the offer 3380€ for Megagen AnyOne 3680€ for Biomet3i T3 3680€ for Megagen AnyRidge
External Sinuslifting
using 2 cc of synthetic bone Botiss

Immediate insertion of the implant after tooth extraction.

The same day, the same intervention. The tooth extraction is followed by alveolar bone grafting and an immediate insertion of the dental implant to preserve the bone volume.

Immediale loading of the dental implant in 24hours

If the bone density allows a good primary stability of the dental implant. The provisory crown will be made of plastic.

Definitive prosthetic restoration after just 30 days

The definitive teeth will be ceramic fused to metal alloy or zirconium support (additional cost of €120/tooth for ZrO2).

Up to 25 years warranty

for all medical devices used. Treatments in our clinic are designed to last a lifetime.

Chosen as the best clinic
by its patients for 8 consecutive years!
10000+ successful implants / 1000+ satisfied patients

Why to choose us?

* free consultation with your panoramic X-ray
* detailed treatment plan with free estimate based on a recent panoramic radiography (made no more than 3 months ago)
* we work with our own dental laboratory which guarantees fast and efficient work
* our prices are affordable to all
* cash or credit card payment
* we offer many years of warranties on dental care
* easy access to the clinic
Testimonial verified by Kel Clinique (France), A.B .:
"I've just spent a week in Cluj-Napoca, I've met the very friendly and professional team of the young Dr. Ilie Dan Sabin, welcomed at the airport, I was taken directly for a radiopanoramic x-ray of my mouth and then I was introduced to the doctor's clinic, then I was accompanied to my hotel. Impeccable hotel, unfailing cleanliness, discreet and professional staff (Hotel Alex and George). The next day I've spent 2:30h in the operating room. They took off a lot of teeth and replaced by 9 implants right away. The next day, I came back for the bottom jaw, had 7 implants placed, then suturations. Two days later, at the end of the afternoon, I've got 2 temporary prostheses and I saw them smiling, telling me that I had a beautiful smile. The pains are benign and very tolerable. The cheeks swell for 48 hours and then <>. They speak Romanian, French, English and Italian and at the moment, I challenge anyone to find a better quality/ price ratio in Europe. note: Cluj-Napoca is a charming city and people are just like their city. "
Testimonial verified by Googe places, A.C.:
"Treatments were amazing. Dental implants; treatments were amazing, the price was very detailed and fairly. No hidden expenses or increases. Dr. Sabin is one of the best implantologist in Cluj Napoca. His team, including prosthesis laboratory, is 5 star quoted by me."
Testimonial verified by, M.B.:
"He is very efficient and at no time he has to take back what he is doing. Dr. Sabin and his team are very pleasant people, very efficient and I am totally satisfied with the treatment. I recommend. Do not hesitate if you need implant treatment; this is the place! GREAT! The clinic itself is very clean, well equipped and easy. Laura, his assistant, very smart and helpful. Dr. Sabin is punctual and a very well organized person. He is very efficient and at no time he has to take back what he is doing. Each of its movements is precise and effective. You feel confident when he takes care of you."
Testimonial verified by, P.P.:
"Very good doctor, professional, clean, high quality treatment. I had problems and he changed my life. I will not know how to thank him."
Testimonial verified by Google places, G.C.:
"I have done two visits to see Dr. Sabin. Each time I was extremely pleased with his knowledge, advise and work. I truly recommend anybody that has serious dental work to consider him. I am from Washington DC and in spite of the distance, travel expenses and time - I am convinced it was worth it. "
Testimonial verified by, L.M.:
"Did their best to help me. Good treatment, clear explanations. I came there with 2 difficult problems and the doctor did the best he can to help me. I came from France - Montpellier where I had three very bad experiences and I was desperate. Professional services and a helpful doctor. It is a very clean clinic, there is absolutely no objection about that. This clinic is like any other good and high standard clinic in the Western Europe."
Testimonial verified by, F.N.:
"Perfect organisation. Placement on 2 implants and preparation of the next step foreseen on the 1st week of November. The next step is to place 2 bridges for 6 teeth with each the base with 1 implant and to place 5 crowns. Perfect organization from the beginning to the end. Dr SABIN and his assistant were very professional. That was a pleasure to cooperate with him. Best work, cheaper than in Belgium. So no doubt, we are ready to come back in case of problem."
Testimonial verified by Google places, K.F.:
"I am really satisfied with the results I've get from this clinic. Many thanks to Dr. I D Sabin and to his team. I recommend this clinic to all my friends. I am really satisfied with the results I've get from this clinic"
Support staff for English speaking patients
We provide transfer between airport-hotel-clinic, accommodation in our partner hotel and an English speaking customer service coordinator.
The best price/quality ratio
We provide the best medical materials, the best medical devices, the newest and best performing techniques in the field of dental implantology.
Highly trained medical personnel in dental implantology and 25 year guarantee
for all medical devices used. Treatments in our clinic are designed to last a lifetime.
Implantfix Clinic - Romania

It is relatively simple to travel to Romania, in Cluj-Napoca by plane. In direct flight, Cluj-Napoca is located only 3 hours from London (Luton) and Liverpool or 4 hours from Birmingham, Manchester or Edinburgh, from where airlines offer scheduled flights to very affordable rates (it is not uncommon to find tickets for 80-200 euros). We suggest you consult the websites of the companies WizzAir, Lufthansa and BlueAir that offer the best fare conditions for direct (or 1 stop) flights to Cluj-Napoca - Cluj-Napoca International Airport (CLJ).

Contact us

Send us an email (to this email adress:
   with your radiopanoramic X-ray (in attachement) and we will answer you as soon as possible with a complete quote, specially designed for you. Free and fast. Do not forget to specify what you want to predict your estimate, your entire mouth or just some sections of the jaw.

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400474 Cluj-Napoca

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